Monday, November 3, 2008

Lab Five!!

I think that in the last four labs the games that we played were appropriate for the St. Mary’s students. The last two games that we played I feel was the best out of all of them. We played the popcorn game which worked out well when we used a high wall so that the students were able to throw high and use the mechanics to a throw. I feel that in that game it kept the students attention and they were really excited to keep playing. Also in the last game we played we had them dribbling and when the music stopped they had to put the ball back into the hoola hoop. I felt that the music really kept them on task because it was something different which gets the students excited. Some of the limitations to games when using them in the process of assessing motor skills are that it sometimes can take out the competition. Students love games that are competitive but in those types of games it can be hard to observe because they might not being doing the motor skills right because they want to win. Therefore it’s hard to observe them because they are able to do the skill but you’re just not seeing it. Another limitation is some games that don’t have everyone doing the motor skills can’t be used. For example if your playing European handball and your observing bouncing a ball not everyone will be dribbling a ball.