Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why should we keep PE!

Lab 6

One thing that I have learned about young children is that just bringing in little props can get them so excited about the game that their going to play. I also learned that with kids you have to have a firm voice to execute what you want them to do. One example of an activity that I thought was appropriate was our popcorn popper game. It was a good way to get the kids throwing higher and using their skills.
I think that my teaching style has emerged upon my experience and interaction with St. Mary’s because it has gotten me aware of what I need to work on. For example I need to project my voice more so that the kids listen more. I also have gotten idea of what it’s like to work with kids more and see how we put games together and then execute them. I think that this experience has helped me become more comfortable in front of the kids teaching the games that were going to play.

Lab 3

One teaching strategy I used was following the leader to get the pre-k students all together in a line to get them ready for the next activity. It worked well because it was a ways to keep them organized and by doing different skills it kept them interested. Also before doing an activity it’s important to get all the students attention before you start explaining the rules or else they wont know how to play the game. So just by saying “raise your hand if your listening” they will all start to raise their hand then to make sure they are following switch it up by saying touch your nose.