Saturday, May 9, 2009

Final Project

Cognitive Development Approach

Change in Physical education Motivation and Physical Activity Behavior in Middle School

The Responsible use of Youth Fitness Testing to Enhance Student Motivation, Enjoyment, and Performance

Enhancing Motivation in Physical Education


In the articles and videos that I've looked at I've learned that motivation helps students in physical education and also other subjects in school. It's important for students to be motivated in physical education class because it gets them excited to be in class. Some of the mistakes that people might mistake as motivation is competition. Competition can motivate students to do better in class but can also make the loser of the competition demotivated. I also looked at an article that helped motivate students that are blind. It's important to keep students with disabilities motivated because they may not have the same confidence that other students may have. I think that the take home message for PE teachers when rewarding students intrinsically is to watch to make sure that students don't get used to award after doing physical activity. You don't want to make it a habit that every time they will do something physical that they will get something in return. Why is this????...because then they won't have any self motivation when they are out of school and their are no longer expectations such as physical education to keep students healthy. We as physical educators need to give students knowledge of how to stay fit for a long time so that society can stay healthier and get those obesity statistics DOWN!

Slideshow Presentation

Friday, May 8, 2009

Final Part A

The website that Brain Gains is from is CBC which is a news website in Canada. The school that this research was done in is City Park Collegiate which is 820 9th avenue North Saskatoon, SaskatchewanCanada S7K 2Z2. In the above corner is a map of where this school is located in Canada. I think that this news piece is very interesting because it shows how important physical activity is. According to the video the students were able to pay attention is class for three hours more and some students were even able to cut down on taking their ADHD medicine. The students in the interview also talked about feeling happier and lucky that they weren't doing the bad things that were being done on the streets. The results were very successful. According to the slide show presentation, the charts showed that in math the students increased scores by 17.3 percent. In language arts in the areas of reading, writing, and sight words the students all aincreased their scores as well. I would say that the program was successful in both a mental and physical aspect for the students. I would say that pe programs were both similar and different. They main similarity is that we share the common goal of getting students active and becoming more fit in the future. They also both want to make fitness a lifetime acitivity. But the differences would be that we also look at skill where as they looked at getting in shape. We look at the cognitive aspect of physical education such as the cues in throwing a basketball.