Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lab D-Bowling

Lab D was alot of fun and it was interesting to see how much I have improved from the first time I taught this semester. I think that I gained alot more confidence in my teaching and I think it really showed by the time we did our last lesson. I think that having fifteen minutes was better than just a few minutes because you were able to get all the components into your lesson. I think my lesson went well we did a Hawain Bowling Theme and had music from the Beach Boys. Overall I think I did well, some of the improvements I would have made were to get the fingers correct on my cues and to get the bowling right away. During my lesson two students didn't feel like participating so I had to go over and get them involved in the lesson. One thing that I would have changed is to have the students sitting down become more active while it isn't their turn. for example setting up a Wii Bowling Station. One part that stood out to me was when Dillan and Karlyn weren't partcipating. i went over to them and told them to come with me and I'll show them how to bowl. We went through the cues together and then they were fine and wanted to participate with the rest of the class. You can find this in my video below.

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