Wednesday, October 22, 2008

John Edward's Speech

Today we saw a presentation by John Edwards who is a communications grad student. His speech was interesting because he brought up the topic that communication has changed so much. One of his examples was that people used to socialize on their front porch and talked to their neighbors. But this gradually changed to people socializing on their decks in the backyard. Also today people text and use computers for communicating which isn't as direct as talking to someone in person. He said that one of the most common things that people say is missing in a work environment is communication. This is related to teaching because sometimes students don't ask enough questions and therefore do the assignment wrong which is an example of bad communication. He also mentioned that when you start communicating with someone it forms relationships. But each person has different kind of personality which can make communicating difficult when crossing with personalities. He said that for good communication you must study, practice, master communication, and teach. I thought his speech was interesting and true how communication has changed so much and how we need to work on asking more questions for better understanding. Sometimes people forget how much they need communication throughout there day.

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