Monday, October 6, 2008

Second Post

In the beginning we observed kidegarden and first grade students hopping, running, amd galloping. When we observed I found that I never really saw either of the students switch from left to right foot. Also one girl wasnt swinging her leg enough to produce force. At the end we played a game of blob tag that most students seemed excited to play. I noticed that the students had a strategy to playing. They wouldnt start to move unless someone who was tagged came near them. Then most kids would scatter off because they didnt want to become part of the chain.

One effective teaching strategy that I saw was trying to get the students attention. Most of us say raise your hand if your listening. Then when everyone raises their hand and is quiet you are able to explain the game. One strategy I think we need to work on when were trying to observe the students is finding games that enable to see the skill well. When the games are competative its hard for the kids to do the skill efficient because they are so eager to win and even though they are supposed to hop if their trying to get away they will run instead.

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