Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mini Conference

The presentation that I attended at the Mini Conference was about Polar and their influence in electronics in physical education. He presented ideas that you could use in physical education to better the program. One thing he presented was an electronic grade book. Within this little electronic thing you could record attendance, participation, and what they did that day in class. This way when time for a report card or parent conferences you have the dates and things that the students did. He also suggested that we should start looking at heart rate in the physical education setting. He suggested getting watches so that you could see the students heart rate and use that to see how hard they are working in class. The presentation was interesting to see the different things that you could use to make physical education that much better.

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Stephen Yang said...

Do you think using heart rate monitors will improve your student's level of health? Would you be able to coordinate all the technology during class time? Will it help your teaching and your student's learning?